Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sporty Chic

Alright, so I will admit that I am a bit of a shoe addict. By a bit, I mean totally obsessed with all shoes everywhere. Let me put it this way for you. I have bought so many pairs of new shoes this summer that my mom had to get a box in order for them to get back to Tampa. Hey, it's worth it especially because of these new Nike Roshe Runs! How cool is that black and white snake print? I am in love. They are versatile because of the black and white, but have an edge from the pattern. Not to mention, they are the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have ever owned.

I am definitely into the whole mixing sneakers with non-sporty outfits trend that is happening right now. I decided that these shoes were the perfect pair to try it out with. I decided to keep the black and white color scheme going with this chic black box top. The collar and the sleeves have these simple white rims around it that bring everything together. I couldn't find a more perfect match for the shoes.

For my shorts I decided to go with a light wash since I had a lot of dark everywhere else. I love how the black contrasts against the light wash and adds a hip vibe to the outfit. Of course, I had to top off this sporty chic look with my favorite red lipstick!

Alma's Approach: When you have an outfit that is based around 1-2 colors, add a pop of a contrasting color in your accessories, jewelry or make up. It adds more life to the outfit!


  1. Hi girlie,
    love this outfit! Sporty look is amazing & those Nikes are just wow!
    I also just wanted to let you know that I tagged your lovely blog in my post here:
    for the Liebster Award and would love to help each other grow and get to know the blogging community!
    Following your blog :)
    xox N.

  2. Hey! Thank you so much! Aww that's awesome! Thanks I have to do my nominations as well! Your blog is so awesome! I love it :)