Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Perfect Sweater

I can't lie, I have been waiting for some winter weather. Tampa was still sitting at almost 90 degree weather during finals week. It was difficult seeing the freshmen at the pool while I still had a ton of things to do for my classes. I did survive so now that I am back home in Texas for the holidays I can wear my favorite type of clothing. This cream knit sweater is one of them! It is extremely comfortable and versatile. I love how the knit material is warm yet breathable and the neutral color goes with anything! I decided to pair the sweater with just some blue jeans and black booties. Would it really be winter with some booties? To make the outfit pop, I added this cool-toned floral scarf. The colors on the scarf stand out against the cream sweater and it gives me some extra warmth. The final touch is the blush quilted purse. The color is light enough where it doesn't take away from the outfit and really adds a chicness to it.

Alma's Approach: Scarves are so much fun to play with! Instead of wrapping it around your neck, try tying the ends into knots and wearing it. It's a unique way to work a scarf and no necklaces are needed!

If you want to get to know more about me and see other bloggers around the world check out CollegeFashionista! This is my last semester writing for them and I want it to be the best!

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