Thursday, May 21, 2015

Starting a Little Risky


Lately, I've been wanting to change up my style. I want to take a little more risk with what I wear, especially now that the summer weather is coming around. Funky chic clothing always calls my attention, but for some reason I can never get myself to purchase it. It's because I always doubt myself and ask, "Well how am I going to wear this?" I then learned that in order to be risky with my style, I have to take baby steps.

First, I went on the hunt to find an intriguing shirt. There was no need to purchase anything new because I have my little sister's closet to look into. With her permission of course. I went in and found this gorgeous box-shaped, semi-crop top. The horizontal stripes contain tiny boxes of colors ranging from blues, greens, yellows and reds. It was definitely a piece that caught my attention.

Next, I paired the top with simple blue jeans so the top could be the focus of the outfit. Cuffing the jeans gave the outfit more texture and showed off my chunky gladiator heels.

Lastly, I accessorized with my gold chain and rose gold watch. Chain necklaces are so versatile and they add instant edge to any outfit. You can never go wrong with a rose gold watch either.

I felt funky and stylish! The outfit turned out better than I expected it to. One risky trend turned my whole outfit into a masterpiece I would have never thought of before.

Alma's Approach: Choose an item you normally wouldn't wear and include it in your outfit.  It will make you feel new and different. Try asking a friend to borrow or swap clothes! This is a good way to try out a new trend before making the commitment to purchase it.

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