Friday, June 19, 2015

Read to Succeed

Can I just say how great it feels to be writing right now? The past two weeks have been so hectic with family, work and wi-fi problems! Luckily everything is fixed and you may have noticed that my blog looks a little different. I'm glad I'm finally getting the chance to customize everything, so stay tuned for the end result!

During the lack of wi-fi, I decided to read. That's right read, and not for school. I didn't think that was possible after the torturous college textbooks. My internship hosted a Twitter talk with Aliza Licht, Senior Vice President of global communications at Donna Karan International. Some of you may know her as her Twitter personality, DKNY PR GIRL. Now she has also written a book called "Leave Your Mark". I hadn't read the book when I tweeted her, and I hated being out of the loop. I purchased the book and couldn't put it down for the rest of the day.

The book is an awesome read if you are thinking about a career in the fashion industry. She gives great tips and tricks on how to be successful in any field really. You also get to read the story of how she came to be a big name in the industry. As a young woman who is very serious about professionalism, I appreciate every word Licht wrote. I am the president of the College Panhellenic Association at The University of Tampa, and I am always working with peers, advisors and well-known figures of the community. I, more than anyone, know the importance of how to act in the professional world. You would be surprised at how many people still don't know the right way to act. I have to remind myself that everyone has a different mindset. Let's just say I've had my fair share of horror stories. Next time I work with them, I'll just recommend this book.

All joking aside Licht does provide great information about resumes, presentations, social situations in the workplace and more. I don't know about you, but all this information is really helpful to know as a college student. Reading this book made me realize that it's okay that I don't know what I want to do. I can accomplish anything, as long as I'm willing to work hard enough for it.

I know this isn't like my normal posts, but I was just so inspired by this book! I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you. I hope you enjoyed this post, and make sure to definitely check out "Leave Your Mark" by Aliza Licht here!

Alma's Approach: Now that it's summer vacation pick a book that you find interesting! Read because you want to, not because you have to. This really puts the fun back into reading, and you can read the book at your pace. It's a great excuse to lay out by the pool too!

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