Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alma in Wonderland

Day two of exploring Gainesville, and we went to the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. It was a mile and a half long of gorgeous plant life. There were plants that I had never seen before! It was also very relaxing just to walk around and enjoy the nature around me. Plus, I had some great company!

I wasn't expecting the trails to be as long as they were, or as humid! I was definitely sweating bullets, but I was glad I was wearing boyfriend jeans because there were a lot of bugs that I did not want on me. To go walking around the garden, I wanted to be comfortable. This means no sandals or major accessories to get in the way. I kept it simple and breezy!

I paired my boyfriend jeans with an army green top. I guess I wanted to blend in with all the plants around me. I knotted the bottom of the shirt because it was long and I wanted to give my body some shape. My favorite part of the outfit are the shoes! They look like Vans except the material is made of fake leather, and they have an edgy gold chain over it. I'm a sucker for chains and these are perfect for walking around.

I just purchased them on Thursday from Cotton On for $15! I couldn't find the exact ones I have, but I found a similar pair for $10 here! Now is the perfect time to go shopping because stores are trying to get rid of some of the summer clothes, which means sales!  Besides, summer clothes can still totally work for the fall (just saying).

Alma's Approach: For a chic look for a night out with friends, switch out the boyfriend jeans for a black midi skirt! Not only do you have the best of both worlds with a skirt and sneakers, but you will look fab-edge. You would also be photo ready for any pictures taken along the way!

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