Monday, July 13, 2015

Off the Shoulder

Oh boy, I think I have found my new obsession. Off-the-shoulder tops are just too adorable, and I can't wait to start collecting more. I found this one at Charlotte Russe on sale for $12, which is a total deal. I also love this top because of the maroon color and the lace detailing. I couldn't pass it up with the boho and '70s trends becoming a big hit this season.

Off-the-shoulder tops are a great way to enter those trends! You can easily pair them with any pair of jeans, and you're ready to go! I decided to pair mine with white pants. They have a transparent, grey tribal print on them, but it doesn't outshine the rest of the outfit.

I kept my hair up in a sleek ponytail to show off the detail in the top and a simple triangle necklace. I love how even with the simplest outfit, this top made me feel all glam for running errands. That's right, I wore this outfit to run errands with my mom. As you can see, I need to find more things to do in my hometown.

Alma's Approach: For a '70s vibe, pair an off-the-shoulder top with some high-waisted flare jeans and wedges. This makes your silhouette look amazing! For a boho vibe, pair it with a maxi skirt and a hat!

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