Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cool Florals

Orientation for incoming freshmen is always an exciting time! I was so excited for my sister to go through hers because I made so many great memories at mine. While she was learning everything she needed to know about the University of Florida, my boyfriend and I went exploring. I had never really known that there was so much more to see than just the campus itself. We decided to go to the Florida Museum of Natural History! It had a beautiful butterfly garden and a cool exhibit about the oldest, most complete T-rex named Sue.

Of course, I had to get my tourist on and bring out the boater hat. Seriously, this hat completes any outfit! I love how it adds a finishing touch to any outfit I feel unsure about. It also compliments my top very well due to the cool floral pattern. H&M has a ton of tops with similar patterns, and they are perfect for a chic touch.

I paired my top with my high-waisted, light wash shorts from PacSun. The light wash of the shorts contrasts against the dark blue top, and brightens up the whole outfit to keep it stylish for the summer. I kept the shoes comfortable with my black gladiator sandals, and thank goodness I did! I walked for like four hours straight!

Alma's Approach: Patterns are always fun for the summer! Take them into the fall season with cool tones like dark blues, purples, or dark greens.

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