Friday, July 10, 2015

Feelin' Blue

This whole summer has been filled with work minus a few fun days off. Luckily for the month of July I have more days off of work! It's not that I don't enjoy hanging out with my summer camp kids, it just gets tiring. I'm also ready to head back to Tampa to start my senior year of college, so work tends to drag on.

To keep myself busy on off days, I'll find things to do. Besides, I love having an excuse to put together an outfit! Today's outfit was for a delicious breakfast at IHOP. You will learn soon enough that breakfast is my life. Waking up with little time to get ready, I decided to wear my harem pants. Now these aren't like the ones from the 80's. They are a more flattering fit and don't have the giant drop in between the legs. Bringing the harem pants back in a more stylish way was the best idea because they feel like pajamas!

The pattern is a mix of blues, white and black. It is a beautiful loud print that needs no help standing out. For this reason, I kept my top simple by keeping it a solid black color. The cutouts at the collar of the top add some edge to the outfit in a subtle way. I also kept the accessories simple with my rose gold Fossil watch and blue stud earrings.

Get my exact outfit by clicking the links!

Alma's Approach: With harem pants, wear a top that is more fitted to your body. This will keep the outfit balanced, whereas wearing a long loose top can swallow your body up.

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